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Park broom

Foreigners who first came to the bath, the broom was considered an instrument of torture. They seemed to be in the highest degree strange that a Park with a broom can bring any good. However, studies have shown that without the use of a broom healing effect of the sauna is reduced by half.

No wonder the broom is not only a symbol of Russian steam baths, her adornment, but an instrument of treatment or prevention of disease. Twigs collected from a variety of species of trees and medicinal herbs are used to treat a variety of diseases and ailments. In addition, the broom serves for the discharge of steam and massage the skin. It is for this reason that the broom must contain in its leaves biologically active substances.

No wonder our forefathers said: "that day soared, that day is not old". Steam broom is not only pleasant but also very useful for health.

During a massage with a broom in the body, increases circulation. The broom emits volatile – substances with powerful antibacterial and antiviral action. In the leaves of broom contain essential oils that improve the condition of the skin, preventing its premature aging.

Thus, the guy with the broom does a lot more good for the health and well-being than without it. The broom is a great massage, beauty and inhalator means.

Turkish soap massage

A great solution allowing to come into a state of harmony of body and soul, relax and get a lot of pleasures is soap massage after bath procedures.

the Turkish soap massage on a warm marble best cleanses the body, helps to relax, relieves pain in rheumatic diseases, as well as after exercise.

Turkish soap massage is performed only in the Turkish baths Hammam, on a hot marble bed in the weightless cloud of soap suds. The unique combination of temperature and humidity of the Hammam allows you to be there without feeling discomfort, thus the muscles relax, the skin is cleansed, stress recedes away.


Currently a very popular method for the correction is performing cosmetic procedures in the bath. The best effect can be achieved when combining peels with other procedures. Thanks to cleanse the body from dead cells, which is carried out in the bath, you can get an excellent result, achieving skin silky smooth.

A very good tool for exfoliating is the honey. In conjunction with massage exercises it relieves physical tension, fatigue and improves mood. If we add to honey and salt, you can not only thoroughly clean the pores and skin, but also excrete the waste products from the body. Performing the scrub in the bath helps to clean, tone and restore the skin. In addition, this procedure is carried out in such conditions that can help get rid of cellulite and excess weight.

After visiting the bath, and holding it a cosmetic procedure like peeling, improves not only the structure of the skin, but overall health.


This unique medical-cosmetic procedure every day becoming more and more popular. However, hardly anyone knows that ice massage was used to give the skin since ancient times.

One can often see, after a bath big fans warm up run on the street and wiping snow. Is it really useful? And very good! Indeed, the sharp contrast of body temperature is extremely beneficial for overall health. As, however, and cold water contrast shower. Ice massage has the same effect.

Regularly doing this procedure, you will receive amazing results: fine wrinkles smoothed, as if by magic, and your skin will look fresher and younger.

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