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Spa manicure

The most pleasant type of manicure today is recognized as the SPA manicure. It combines benefits for the skin with great pleasure to their owner. The combination resulted in freedom from problems with exfoliating, dull nails.

SPA – manicure is a complex that includes high-quality moisturizing and softening of the skin, gentle but effective exfoliation, and saturation of the skin with natural vitamins. SPA treatment, of course, includes treating nails. But the famous SPA manicure has become thanks to make it peeling, nourishing mask for hands and hand massage.

SPA-manicure - more than a simple manicure. Here and aromatherapy, hand care, and just fun. SPA manicure has a rejuvenating and healing effect.

Nail extensions (acrylic)

Any woman regardless of age wants to be attractive and beautiful, in our time, modern and stylish woman it is hard to imagine without beautiful well-groomed hands. Hands with long beautiful nails since ancient times, talked about the status of their owners and nowadays are an indicator of position in society.

During the excavation of tombs in Egypt, archaeologists have found the rudiments of modern technologies of nail extension. So the wives of pharaohs nails were covered with gold, and wives of the nobles, silver. In one version of the story of the modern manicure begins with 1951, when the American dentist Fred slack, put your broken nail plate dental acrylic, and he's got an artificial nail, but after 3 years, he patented his invention.

Since then, women around the world addicted to nail on hand ,and some even on the feet. When adding the acrylic-creates the nail plate, almost indistinguishable from a native. Used to build the face-type and powder, nail these materials dry quickly and create a visually natural nail. Increase nail plate acrylic is quite an easy procedure, and the result if you do not like the client can easily removed using a special. composition. Acrylic is a durable material, nail extensions acrylics are on average 3-4 months. Acrylic can be recommended to women who lead an active lifestyle and have strong and healthy nails.

nail extensions aquarium

Increasingly popular among fashionistas who want to look fresh and extravagant, becomes a nail. But what you can do to surprise even those who have been tested is a relative novelty? Do You know what is common between: nail, aquarium? No? Then this information is for You!

Modern cosmetology has reached unprecedented heights, but, unlike the main species, representing nail extensions, aquarium design – an absolute novelty. This method got its name due to the appearance of the nails after extension. Your nails really look like small aquariums. But this does not mean that the master will definitely represent on Your nails fish. The picture can be any, the main thing is that he looks like he is under the glass. This effect is achieved by the fact that the master covers the figure with acrylics. Except the picture can do applique, attach the sequins, foil, beads, lace, dried flowers and much more.
Base for aquarium capacity can be nail gel. Aquarium a type of nail design, therefore, can rightly be called true art.

Hold these nails for quite a long time, as well as conventional and extended nails, that is up to three months, but have compared them with many benefits. For example, if You get tired of the design, You can cover the nail varnish, and when I take the varnish, the picture will be untouched. And who are surprised by the extended nails? But the effect of the aquarium design will be really stunning! Imagine that instead of a plain nail or even pattern You have on your fingers are small three-dimensional image. It will impress everyone, even disaccustomed to be surprised.

Camouflage fatigues (French acrylic)

In life there are situations when you simply must look your best: some sort of solemn event, where everything has to be perfect. But what if your natural nails do not differ beauty and strength? In such cases, you will gain the technology to build. Acrylic nails French were once on top. But the clock is ticking and the nail service industry offers more and more progressive options.

Acrylic is a kind of "pioneer" in the field of nail. It is a powder, which when interacting with a special liquid into plastic material used for the calculations of manicure. Working with acrylic has its own characteristics, and the technology today is controversial. Because the nail is made, as a rule, masters in beauty salons, customers want not only great results, but the pleasure is in the process of creating a manicure.

Dry manicure

Dry manicure is so called because during the procedure there is no need to steam hands in warm water, because the cuticles are softened and removed using special tools.

According to beauticians, dry manicure is helpful for those people who are caring for nails and hands first to ensure that they were accurate, and not as preparation for any important event. Dry manicure completely eliminates the use of edging tools, and also no need to steam hands in the water.

According to doctors, the steam helps the nail to absorb moisture and acquire a flat shape, making manicures a lot easier to do. When the nail dries, it takes on its original shape. In such cases, unlike the dry manicure, can be a nuisance, namely the varnish start to peel off. Dry manicure this shortcoming has not.

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