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French Pedicure

French pedicure can be attributed to the most elegant and versatile types of pedicure. It fits to any outfit, doesn't look flashy and will be appropriate wherever You go. The main advantage is absolute security, because the cuticle are not used pointed objects. European (French) pedicure called dry, as it is performed without water.

The invention of the French pedicure appreciated by women all over the world, he makes the skin of Your feet soft and moisturized and gives a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, and French finish looks elegant and natural. The advantage of the European pedicure, as mentioned above, is the almost absolute safety. The cuticle is removed without damage, with each treatment it becomes thinner.

Body art

Body art in our beauty salon

Decorate the body figures, was taken back to prehistoric times, they had tremendous value, was used, in fact, like a person's passport. Drawings on the body meant belonging to a particular caste community. This gave certain privileges, it was thought that the figure endows man with supernatural powers. In the modern world, pictures body - body art – name the real art of transformation.

the Painted body art occurs in a variety of styles – surreal, abstract, "modern" and so on. The picture selection is completely depends on your desires and fantasies, it can be large three-dimensional graphics or small delicate patterns. Вody art is a safe way to decorate your body and try something new. Figure, as a rule, lasts from two to three hours to several weeks and does not bring any inconvenience. They say that deciding to paint their bodies once, cannot stop and want to do it again and again.

Henna design

Mandy is the art of body painting, during which the drawing is created with henna. Unlike tattoos, mehndi is a temporary decoration, but kept henna much longer than ordinary painting on the body. Henna to create amazing beauty and complexity of pattern on the body is widely used in various countries, including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well as among representatives of diasporas from these countries living on the territory of other States. The word "mehndi" comes from the Sanskrit word "mendhika". Using henna and turmeric to create the pattern on the body was described in the ancient Vedic books, a story about the traditional beliefs of the Vedic rituals.

Mehndi became fashionable in the West in the 1990s, where they are called simply "henna tattoos". This is not entirely true, because real tattoo is created by introducing a coloring pigment under the skin and is constant unlike the Mendy, which is applied to the skin and is temporary.

Eyebrow shaping

With a properly designed eyebrow can visually correct some imperfections, available on the face, for example, small eyes to do more, and deeply set — up. To be in form at the art of makeup.

But if the eyebrows are decorated incorrectly, the most stunning makeup loses its meaning and looks sloppy. When making the eyebrows need to remember that their shape should be selected with regard to the shape of the face, that is purely individual, and the perfect geometry of the eyebrows, suitable for anyone, simply does not exist.

So eyebrows are best suited to oval face, long and lifted high, slightly arch of the eyebrows better go to the square face triangular shape face is not combined with straight eyebrows. The mistakes made in the design of the eyebrows, subsequently it will be difficult to fix, so this procedure best to do in the cabin, where a qualified technician will choose the form.

From the shape of the eyebrows depends largely on the expression of the eyes and generally the face of the girl. Therefore, this very expressive details you need to pay attention.

Page Masters of Manicure - Pedicure

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