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Stone therapy

Stone massage, or stone massage – is a fantastic procedure that you will never forget... the Touch of living stone...

In our time, the everyday stresses are considered almost the norm, and chronic fatigue syndrome turned into a real problem, that is why more treatment centers focus on SPA trends, where, along with traditional care and treatment much attention is paid to the harmonization of spirit and body. One such procedure was the therapy, based on ancient rituals and principles of Oriental medicine.

Stone therapy got its name from the English word stone — "stone". This massage, smooth stones. In stone therapy massage are perfectly smooth, the maximum tapered, volcanic stones. They have the ability for a long time to keep warm, and, in addition, contain magnesium, iron and a huge amount of useful minerals.

Secret stone therapy is simple: it reduces the impact of neurotizing factor of modern life, relieves muscle tension, increases General tone of the body and removes toxins, improves skin condition (it becomes amazingly smooth and supple), helps to quickly melt away body fat.

According to many studies, stone therapy stimulates the energy centers of the body, a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure, relieves muscle and headaches, psychological stress, eliminates problems with digestion, insomnia.

Stone therapy — anti-stress treatment to address specific client problems and achieve the highest possible effect, healing, increasing vitality.

Honey massage

massage came to us from Tibet. However, for many centuries it was extensively used by the healers of ancient Russia. Today doctors, estheticians and massage therapists agree massage with natural honey – one of the best alternatives in medical treatment of many diseases and a great means of preserving youth.

the benefits of honey massage?

Everyone is well aware of the unique properties of honey. He is literally saturated with trace elements, vitamins and biologically active substances. Instinctively the bees to collect nectar choose plants based on specific properties, are truly a healing balm. During the session of honey massage the nutrients penetrate deep into your skin. Components of honey into the bloodstream and trigger active metabolic processes in the body. Scientists have proved that honey in its composition resembles human blood plasma, which means the nutrients are absorbed almost instantly and in full.

In the end, the honey massage cleanses the body of harmful substances. Penetrating deeply into the skin layers, it absorbs all the accumulated toxins. After a few minutes of the treatment transparent honey becomes grayish, dirty-yellow flakes take all the harmful substances. With such a natural and thorough cleansing of the integument can give unmatched by any other medical or cosmetic.

Inhaling the scent of honey and feeling the complete relaxation, you will experience a state of incredible bliss. Dropping a few pounds and cleanse the body and finding a sense of inner harmony, You will experience an incredible sense of lightness and will start life with a clean slate.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a complex of massage, which aims the restoration of an athlete after strenuous physical activity, increase physical activity this category of people. Its feature is the intense impact on the vessels that supply blood to all layers of muscle tissue resulting in increased muscle strength.

sports massage therapy Training
Sports body massage is included in the complex of sportsmen preparation. To achieve better workout results, a massaging effect is produced with an average power. Maximum effect has the training type, which is applied through 1.5-2 hours after training. This mode allows you to improve the elastic properties of the muscle-articular apparatus, relaxes necessary muscles groups.

Pre-sports massage
This type can significantly improve functional capabilities of individual muscles and entire body before exposure to high physical loads. In the warm-up period of this kind leads to increased blood supply to muscle tissue, heart and brain, optimizing the load on the respiratory system. The basis of it is the technique of kneading.

Invigorating and relaxing sports massage
Sports massage is useful in situations when there is a need to tone up or calm the athlete's body. The tension is well influenced by techniques of stroking and shaking. This leads to reflex decrease of blood pressure, slowing heart rate and breathing

Warming massage
It is often used during competitions and training sessions in the cold. Massage movements should be performed at a quick pace that allows you to locally warm the muscle by increasing blood flow to them. At the same time increase elasticity and motor activity of the muscles.

Restorative sports massage
The methods of recovery are used after intense physical exertion on the athlete's body. The use of all kinds of such effects on the body helps to prevent the occurrence of sports injuries, emotional and physical overload, achieving optimal results during training and competitions.

Cellulite massage

Today cellulite is seen as aesthetic problem, but the cause of his not aesthetic lies in the violation of blood and lymph circulation, and edema of the walls of small blood vessels in places of its formation.

The technique of anti-cellulite massage is aimed at comprehensive improvement of the condition of blood vessel walls, stimulation of flow and outflow of blood lymph and interstitial fluid in certain parts of the body using special massage techniques. This leads to a fast, powerful and stable result: removal of cellulite and excess fat.

Also anti-cellulite massage helps to eliminate toxins and improves metabolic processes in the body, which also helps to burn fat.

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