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Temporary tattoos

As for temporary tattoo, it is the same in appearance as real. The most important difference between them – the temporary tattoo is not forever, only for a certain time. It can be as short time or long.

TATTOO - Feminine salvation

How much time do you spend on makeup? 30 minutes a day? hour? Consider the figures: 30 minutes x 365 days = 182 hours or 7.6 days per year! Tattoo from the master tattoo will save Your time.


Chocolate peel-off mask for face

In the laboratories of our company we have created is unique in its composition and properties the mask chocolate-based ingredients that are produced on three continents and in 8 countries!

Chocolate mask, in addition to its aesthetic and gastronomic appeal, after all for anybody not a secret that chocolate is the most desired and consumed the treat on the Ground, is an effective assistant in the decision of a number of cosmetic problems.
It repairs the damaged, rough, dull and tired skin, leaving it fresh and smooth. Fights wrinkles.

whitening effect, preventing the formation of melanin.
Restores moisture balance of the skin. Accelerates metabolism. Restores the function of the epithelium, significantly reduced the inflammatory process. Comprising cocoa contain antioxidants, which bind and excrete through the skin of free radicals, which are the mediators of the aging process. As a result, you will get a more youthful, smooth and bright complexion. The mask can be used as water-and milk-based. In the absence of allergic reactions it is possible to add honey.

Echidna anti-aging Spa facial mask with natural seaweed.

Main ingredients: 100% pure natural seaweed. Our raw material is extracted in a deserted tropical warm waters of Thailand, along the many picturesque bays of the uninhabited Islands. It is an effective, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic product with every year more and more gaining in popularity among the range of cosmetic products for skin care.

And this is justified because marine algae are a storehouse of various minerals, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, etc. Having minimum allergic activity, the mask can be used even during pregnancy!

Echidna mask has excellent anti-aging and anti-acne effect. Hydrophilic molecules of algae well retain moisture, saturating her skin, lighten pigmented and dark skin, effectively fighting the aging process, making skin more smooth and elastic. Smoothes small wrinkles and prevents formation of new ones. Suitable for all skin types, particularly recommended for dark-skinned and dark-yellow skin that is prone to dryness or having excessive risks of dehydration in hot and dry climate.

Mask-gel with chamomile extract and aloe Vera.

The mask is indicated for irritated and inflammation-prone sensitive skin, it eliminates the after effects of sunburn and dehydration of the skin. This cooling mask minimizes skin irritation, has strong anti-inflammatory effect. br>
Chamomile extract stops dehydration, reduces inflammation and redness of the skin after the sun burn and acne. Menthol has a cooling and soothing effect.

Hyaluronic acid prevents excessive moisture loss through the skin, contributes to the rapid saturation of the skin with water. Creates a thin hydrophilic film on the skin, attracting water from the outside and prevents moisture loss through the skin. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. br>
Amino acids nourish and soften the skin, Accelerate the regeneration of damaged skin. br>
Aloe has anti-inflammatory effect, prevents zagrobelny skin and keloid scars. Promotes resorption of existing scars, burn scars, smoothes the skin, making it smooth and elastic.br>

face Mask with lanolin and placenta.

The history of the scientific study of placenta begins in 1912, Then Professor Kar from Switzerland began to study sheep placenta. It revealed an active substance, which is able to restore life to cells. For this discovery he received the Nobel prize.

In cosmetics are used by the placenta, which is obtained from animals and from man. When it enters the human placenta, its description must contain the word "allogeneic".

The placenta is a special organ that is intended for communications and the exchange of substances between the organism of mother and child. During pregnancy the placenta is formed in all mammals and in humans.

In the placenta contain proteins, fats, nucleic acids and vitamins. It is the synthesis of different hormones, which are necessary for normal pregnancy. There are in the placenta and a large number of different protein factors, which affect the life of cells.

It is believed that placental cosmetics contain hormones, otherwise it will not be effective.

Itself whole placenta, indeed, saturated with hormones. They were kept and in first drugs, anti-aging effect which all literally impressed. However, this makeup has caused and adverse events, which were to blame hormones. They lead to hormonal disbalance and other negative consequences.

Thanks to modern technology, it has become possible to obtain the necessary substances from the placenta, cleansing it of steroid hormones. For this reason, the health authorities have given permission for free sale of such cosmetics.

In addition to hormones, the placenta contains large amounts of nutrients that affect the age of the connective tissue. They nourish and moisturize the skin, give it elasticity, supply oxygen to cells and accelerate their regeneration.

The uniqueness of the drugs from the placenta is that such components cannot be synthesized or isolated from plants.

Placental extract effectively stimulates the peripheral blood circulation. It improves the blood circulation process in human skin, assists in the elimination of skin toxins, nourishes tissues. Placental extract also activates cellular breathing and metabolism. He makes the pigment melanin, which is located in the deep layers of our skin to rise to the surface. From there, the melanin is removed together with keratin and exfoliating the epidermis.

It is proved that placenta extract has anti-inflammatory effect. It can reduce the inflammation that was caused by too long exposure to the sun. Its components prevent the formation of skin spots and prevent its sagging. Cosmetic mask based on placenta extracts may be used for skin regeneration, normalizing lipid balance, improve the complexion, enhance the elasticity of skin muscles, slow the aging process. It also shows good results in the smoothing of wrinkles, moisturize the skin, eliminating inflammation. These funds effectively moisturize the skin, relieve its tension and tiredness skin, protect skin from various harmful influences. br>

Herbal tonic for treatment of skin problems.

Based on the ancient experience of South-East Asia and using the latest European technology, we have managed to develop a unique properties the drug! It's uniqueness lies in the effective cleansing of the skin from the unsightly formations such as warts, freckles, dark circles around the eyes, and postnatal age spots, acne.

Contains no preservatives, additives or hormones!

Penetrating deep into the skin, it moisturizes and softens it, adds a fresh natural luster to tired and dull skin. br>
To enhance the effect of possible double use morning and evening. In need of long-term use, the visual effect will be visible after 3-4 weeks.

face Mask with bamboo salt.

Mask has immediate lifting effect, actively moisturizes the skin and promotes long lasting retention of moisture by hyaluronic acid and arbutin. The mask improves cell metabolism, strengthens regeneration processes, restores skin suppleness, beauty and glow of youth. Increases immunity and activity of cells, promotes their regeneration. Bamboo salt is effective against wrinkles and pigmentation, has a strong detoxifying effect, adsorbing and removing toxins, toxins and salts of heavy metals (lead, mercury, etc.). br>
The power of unique Facials Young Generation – in a complex and balanced composition based on natural bamboo salt, contains essential skin polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, mineral salts and nourishing oil. It causes enhanced blood flow to cutaneous tissues, after which they become elastic, muscles supple, the pores begin to intensively allocate the products of skin glands, the skin becomes fresh and young.

Mask bamboo salt is excellent care for young skin and awaken and refresh tired skin and infusing it with life energy. Penetrating into deep skin layers, mask bamboo salt removes impurities, cleanses pores, moisturizes and refreshes the skin, improves softness and elasticity, fights aging. br>
vie anti-aging cosmetic products aimed at stimulating metabolic processes in tissues, water retention in the skin, the production of natural proteins and acids that can support healthy and youthful looking skin.

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