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Removing permanent makeup and tattoos

Tattoo removal and tattoo laser is a modern and safe way to get rid of permanent makeup for a few weeks. The procedure is performed in a comfortable environment and does not require anesthesia. The laser does not leave scars, burns or scars, is not in contact with the skin. Simultaneously with the removal of the laser light disinfects the skin that prevents infections. The laser works accurately in the area with the tattoo without damaging the surrounding tissue, and destroying only the pigment.

For the complete removal may require several treatments. But the result is noticeable after the first session: the dye is noticeably lightened, coming off the top layer of pigment. Recovery period after laser removal of the tattoo is minimal, you immediately return to your normal lifestyle.


Charming, delightful, bright, beautiful, brilliant – all these words he wants to hear in your address every woman. To achieve this admiration, you need to work on their appearance. If before I had just to wear a beautiful dress, shoes and hair done, now have to go through thousands of procedures in beauty salons that would be ideal to look and walk on air every day angel.

The set of all these activities includes a variety of procedures, like here I'm dizzy from all these worries. But beauticians have significantly sped up and simplified some of the processes our transformation.

the What?
We offer to your attention a tattoo (ofpermanent makeup). If you take a medical concept, permanent makeup or permanent makeup is the actual introduction of natural coloring pigment under the outer layer of the skin.

For client or consumer permanent makeup is a practical way every day without makeup and colors look bright and beautiful. Tattooing is usually done in beauty salons, professionals on professional equipment. There you will select the most suitable to the natural beauty of paint, will tell you what and where to apply, pick up an ideal variant forms. The main advantage of this makeup is that it for years (about 5 years) will stay on the skin, you don't have to think about the shape of the eyebrows, the brightness of the eyes, do not have to constantly carry a huge amount of makeup, and waterproof mascara will go by the wayside.


Makeup (FR. maquillage) is applied to the skin of various kinds of decorative cosmetics for the purpose of decoration and camouflage the existing flaws. Makeup is a form of makeup. Here is a simple explanation Wikipedia gives one of the most popular services of beauty salons.

Makeup depends on the time of year, time of day (morning, afternoon, evening), and most importantly - from its purpose, requires a complete harmony with the whole appearance, with clothing, accessories, jewelry, nail Polish. Often dedicate a day (everyday) and formal (solemn) makeup. Makeup associated with modern styles of art, - they set the colors, the shape of the eyebrows, lips, eyes. Today makeup is subject to three areas of fashion: classic, romantic and avant-garde.

Colors are divided makeup on "warm" (predominance of yellow, green, brown and beige shades) and cool (pink, gray, blue and purple shades). The tone is mainly determined by the face shape, hair color and skin.

The face is Your calling card. And makeup reflects Your attitude towards fashion and image. When the makeup match the inner mood of a woman, it makes her more attractive, more natural. It looks good and feels good.

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