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Vacuum therapy or can massage

SpaShans invites you to vacuum therapy or the slipping can massage. What is it? At first sight everything is very simple - at first the jar is placed on previously greased skin as a sucker, and then slip it on a skin. In appearance nothing unusual, and on itself matter in that place where the jar "stuck" to a skin - improbable pressure difference is framed there, the blood from sublayers of a skin passes in top, thereby having passed a way through all layers, muscles, and also removes slags, toxins through a skin.

That is, it is the most real drainage - a lymphatic drainage! Thanks to such massage it is easier to study all groups of muscles, and also it is easier to lose weight. In many countries such massage is used as medical - for elimination of spastic strictures of muscles, stagnation of a blood. Vacuum therapy - an excellent way to encourage the human organism!

Fire massage

This technique has appeared in ancient times and is very specific, because combines massage techniques with the effect of fire. Based on the results of modern research, as well as on the teachings of the meridians, Chinese followers of traditional Oriental medicine claim that the physiological mechanism of the effect of the fire is due, primarily, such a factor as a local irritant action of heat, supporting the vitality and regulate immune system function.

Components of fire massage - aromatic oils, therapeutic infusion of herbs, soft towels, Oriental music and of course the fire. the
First knead the body with aromatic oils, then placed on the back (or other body part) special towel. All served with several layers of wet towels, pour rubbing alcohol, also infused with herbs and set fire. The body heats up, pores open, back sweat. Herbal infusion penetrates deeply into your skin and increases the immune system of a person. Fiery massage is recommended for women who want to lose weight (in the literal sense, the fire burns fat), you must do the procedure exactly in the place where there are too body fat.

A good massage soothes, relieves fatigue, irritability, helps with insomnia. Has a warming effect.
Relax the muscles that shamelessly numb and stiffen when sitting, standing work, sedentary lifestyle.
Under the influence of heat expands blood vessels, and as a result improves the circulation of blood and lymph, activates metabolism.
We should not forget that fire has the property to purify the human aura and charge it with his energy!

four hands Massage is double Wellness and culinary pleasure! This massage is more intense and energy-intense compared to normal. Synchronous movement of two pairs of hands makes it possible to thoroughly work all the muscle groups, every inch of my body.
The professional artists at the same time conducting relaxation program, will amaze You with new sensations, immersing You in a soft wave of peace and harmony.
the Treat yourself to double the pleasure, double the benefit!

relaxing Classical

Our organism is daily exposed to tremendous strain, so each of us occasionally need a classic relaxing massage. It should be noted that a relaxing massage can be integrated (General) and impact on individual parts of the body.

So, the most popular relaxing back massage. It is here that the greatest number of muscles that are subjected to daily stress. Many people need a relaxing foot massage. Frequent walking and load without proper relaxation can lead to various diseases and chronic fatigue.

If you require a relaxing massage of the neck, legs, back or body massage, you can undergo procedures at our center. Spa Shans you can improve your health through exercise, as well as all relaxation and beauty treatments.

Classic toning

Restorative massage — acts on the human body as a nice Cup of coffee evokes, gives energy, stimulates. Removes from the state of apathy, drowsiness and lethargy, causes a feeling of cheerfulness and burst of energy, activates metabolism, the cardiovascular system, stimulates mental and physical activity, relieves fatigue and improves performance.

Toning massage is performed in the form of General massage, back massage or seinemaritime area. During the restorative massage use techniques such as deep stroking, vigorous rubbing, kneading and vibration intermittent manual (stitching, hack, effleurage, etc.). All techniques are performed vigorously at a rapid pace, with deep study of tissues.

This massage gives a strong positive impulse throughout the body, energizing for the whole day, gives vitality, helps prepare for important event.

Energizing massage

Energy massage allows you to remove the effects of stress, restore energy and human aura. Energy massage is also used to relieve and alleviate pain, enhance vitality, accelerate the elimination of toxins, normalization of the nervous and cardiovascular activities.

Energy massage is a great way to maintain vitality, it is recommended for fatigue, insomnia and mental disorders. Energy massage is a special way of influencing the human energy field. This is the most unusual method of massage. The therapist makes an energy massage, not touching the body, he still holds his hands over the body or leads them.

Energy massage is a quite ancient technique of massage. It is considered that it originated in Thailand. However, it is proved that the other Nations of the world of energy massage was used in ancient times. Today, many are skeptical about this technique. However, those people who have experienced the healing power of energetic massage, it is treated extremely positively. Even many scientists suggest this massage technique to use, their research proves the beneficial effects of energetic massage per person.

Aroma oil massage

It is incredibly relaxing and useful procedure, combining its core, magic light massage effect and aromatherapy. Minutes of pleasure and bliss – professional point and muscle effects in common with the charming tenderness of hands and healing properties of aroma oils.

Specially selected aromas – subtle or intense, soft or impressive – envelop essential components of the nasal receptors, positively affecting not only the physical condition of the client, but also on emotional feelings. Oil they act on the energy points, the nerve endings and capillaries. Some components of the oils have a pronounced detoxication effect, and therefore frees the body of toxins, toxins, clogging and weakening the human body.

OIL – SPA treatment is used in relaxing and toning programs. Thus adjusting the depth and intensity of the massage. Inhalation of medicinal scents will help to get rid of headaches, colds, insomnia, General fatigue. But this is a particularly effective type of massage is the solution to the problem of relieving stress. For maximum positive results selection of essential oils made individually.

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