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Balinese massage

Bali is a fabulous island, famous for centuries-old professional Spa treatments. From generation to generation handed the locals their Spa secrets. Balinese massage was created on the basis of several massage and therapeutic styles of the East.

Balinese technique includes combination of Swedish massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Indian medicine, and unique botanicals. Collecting the best from various methodologies, it has become the pearl of massages. All funds used for massage and Spa treatments consist of oils, plants and minerals.

Foot massage (foot massage)

Foot massage is the massage affecting a localised area of the human body: the feet and lower third of the tibia.
Spa Shans was included in the complex of services this technique for quite objective reasons: people's feet, especially his feet, daily experience tremendous strain while standing, walking, running. Unfortunately, many modern people are familiar with the concept of "tired" legs – evening swelling, heaviness. This foot problem it solves very effectively. But its use is not limited.

Many doctors of antiquity have suggested that on the feet there are reflex zones, influencing on which you can change the functioning of the organism as a whole. Schematic projection of the internal organs on the soles of feet were developed in the East very long ago, and modern studies confirm.

Vacuum massage (Cupping)

Cupping massage is a wonderful ancient technique that has found application in modern medicine, the Action of cupping massage is based on stimulation of blood flow to the skin and irritation of the skin receptors because of this the Bank vacuum. The vacuum causes the local rush of blood and lymph to the skin, which exerts the reflex influence on vessels of internal organs. In addition, in the area of impact are formed biologically active substances that stimulate the metabolic and regenerative processes. So cupping massage improves blood circulation, eliminates stagnation of interstitial fluid (the effect of lymphatic drainage), stimulates metabolism and dermal respiration in the massaged area of the body. The skin becomes elastic, increases its tone and elasticity.

The Chinese have extended the scope of cupping massage – they used banks in surgery to divert blood from the operated area. In the end, this massage has evolved into a separate type of therapy used to treat a variety of diseases. Ancient Chinese sources say: "acupuncture and banks are helping to cure more than half of illnesses." Ancient Chinese doctors say that this massage eliminates the stagnation of blood and Qi, and helps reduce the action of external pathogenic factors, which influence poor health.

In ancient Egyptian text on medicine cupping massage is prescribed for the treatment of fever, pain, vertigo, menstrual cramps, poor appetite and accelerate "crisis" of the disease. From the Egyptians cupping massage was adopted by the Greeks, and eventually it spread all over the Ancient world, but also in many countries of Europe and America. Held in the twentieth century, scientific studies have confirmed the clinical efficacy of cupping massage. In China this type of therapy included in the scope of the official methods of treatment.

Herbal bath

Spa "Spa Shans" offers herbal baths - perfect health-building tool.Of herbal of herbal of medicinal herbs one of the most effective traditional methods of healing and strengthening the body.

Wellness-preventive effect of fitosan on the human body based on the skin irritating action of polysaccharides, tannins, essential oils, phytoncides, etc. Improving blood circulation and expanding the pores of the body, herbal create conditions for easy skin penetration of biologically active substances of natural origin. So the herbal can have not only local (local), but the overall effect on the body.

Pleasant fragrant vitovna quickly relieves fatigue, calms the nervous system, rejuvenates and purifies the skin, normalizes sleep, improves metabolic processes in the body.

Soapy massage

Soapy massage will take You to the top of bliss.
To argue that massage, in addition to medical and aesthetic use and gives heavenly pleasure difficult. A huge version of this procedure reveals the true connoisseur, an incomparable bouquet of delights. We invite You to climb to the top of bliss, get pleasure which can only soapy massage.

Massage soapy foam is the perfect way to lift the spirits, relieve fatigue and tension, he copes with depression and nervous stress, relieves muscle tension, invigorates and energizes. In addition, soap provides massage and beauty effect, it cleanses the skin, removing dead skin cells, opens pores, improves circulation.

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