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Sticker tips

One of the options of manicure in which the nails are glued to the free edge with observance of proportions between artificial white tips and natural pink surface. Tips (plastic "extenders" adhesive using the special glue to natural nail).

Tips appeared in the 60-s, last century, an inventor — dentist Henry Rea (did the artificial nails from acrylic dental his wife). At first, the composition of the acrylic includes methylmethacrylate, because of what the artificial nails were very thick, fragile, could not take shape. Also it was found that the methyl methacrylate has caused significant harm to natural nail - the level of toxicity was found unacceptable for use in the procedure of nail extension, and dangerous to the health of both the master and the client.

In 1974, the use of methylmethacrylate in the manufacture of materials for nail was banned and instead, became less dangerous methacrylate, causing much less harm to the natural nail plate of the client and the health is constantly in contact with the material of the wizard.

the Advantages artificial nails: they are durable, smooth, protect the natural nail plate from harmful external factors as well as artificial nails for nail art: they may be varnished, to painting, to decorate at your own discretion.

Children's manicure

The culture of self-care, particularly the nails are instilled in childhood. Even if your child is an adult, it's not too late to tell him about the manicure, and it is better to go to the salon to show a good example. Among the clients of "Spa Shans" many children who regularly get manicures.

The wizard neatly trimmed nails, give them a nice shape and draw on the surface a charming, funny pictures. Your little girl will surely enjoy in our salon. It will protect your manicure and will feel like a little Princess!

Bio coating

Healthy Shine to natural nails, the solution to the problem of delamination and cracks, the strength and flexibility of the nail plate is the dream of millions of women. In our salon, nail strengthening Biogel is an inexpensive service. Today many people use for nail gel or acrylic, or Biogel capacity. These materials create a wonderful aesthetic effect.

At the moment the most famous are the technology of building up the acrylic and gel. The difference gel acrylic is that it has glossy instead of matte glitter. Any one of these technologies is as on tips and forms.

Extended nails subject to withdrawal and correction. Optimally, corrections should be carried out once a month. Every technology, of course, has its pros and cons. The nail gel, bio gel, in our salon You will make in convenient for you time. The procedure is performed by experienced craftsmen according to your wishes.

Nail design

Nail Art Processed nails look well maintained, but decorated with a pattern or applique - amazing. Nail art appeared on the catwalks and in the showrooms, and today is gaining more and more fans among the fairer sex. Nails design and nail art are synonymous, meaning the art of decorating nails (natural or accrued).

it is well known that nails can become a real decoration for women accessory, a great addition and all this is possible with the wizard, who owns the art of decorating the nails.

Every woman wants to emphasize their individuality, charm, beauty, plunging into the rhythm of the big city, she is constantly looking for new means of expression: hair, nails, style, clothes - all must conform to modern fashion trends, everything has to speak of its success, brilliance, independence.

Spa pedicure

Spa pedicure is pleasant, relaxing and revitalizing treatment for legs. It includes classic pedicure and special massage techniques and skin care of feet and nails. Spa pedicure is a very pleasant health procedure, during which you can relax and unwind.

The result of the Spa pedicure – groomed and healthy feet and nails and good mood. Spa pedicure will give excellent results with any skin condition of the feet and allow You to relax and have fun with the full Spa-procedure.

During the Spa pedicure we use only professional tools and special techniques of foot massage. The special atmosphere, aroma oils, plant extracts and the skills of our professionals make Spa pedicure unforgettable pleasure and healthy procedure.

Page Masters of Manicure - Pedicure

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