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Facial massage

Face massage and neck is extremely important procedure of caring. Good competent massage improves lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, and this helps to relieve swelling, tissue oxygen saturation, improve their nutrition, in consequence of which the face becomes fresh and radiant. In cosmetology used different types of massages, and each of them performs a specific function and is directed on elimination of those or other problems.

Face masks

History of face masks is inextricably linked with the emergence and development of the cosmetics. Masks for skin use of the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra – with its name attribute the honey-milk mask whitening clay mask, comprised of clay, honey, sour cream and lemon juice.

Various recipes exist all over the world, in many cases, the use of masks was reduced to one-two main effects (alignment of skin color and bleaching) at different components. This is understandable, since you used only those components that was easy to find. In England as the basis of the used infusion of black tea, Bulgaria used vegetable juice and pulp of sweet peppers in Spain for cosmetic purposes used on the mask of cooked beans. Over the years the recipes changed and acquired additional components.

Not so strong popularity masks in the past explains the fact that cosmetics were mainly attached to the decorative, aesthetic value (the pale color of the skin were created at the expense of white). The mask, in turn, are used not so much for a fast and transient effect, and for a gradual improvement of the skin. ..

Hair treatment

Hair treatment is a complex procedure, including electrification, massage the scalp and rubbing medicines. Statistics show that approximately 30% of the world's population today suffers from dandruff and 50% at least once in their life faced with this problem.

White flakes visible on hair and clothes, deprive us of self-confidence, cause sidelong glances, the impression of untidiness — and quite unfairly, since the dandruff does not depend on the hygiene of the person.

— That often causes dandruff? — First of all contribute to this stress, unbalanced diet, hormonal changes in the body, reduced immunity, infectious disease, etc. furthermore, dandruff can be caused by an overdose of drugs, such as antibiotics, as well as abuse of alcohol, coffee and Smoking. Dandruff often appears during the cold time of year — hats, which we in this period wearable for a long time, prevent the access of oxygen to the hair follicles.

Removal of papillomas and warts

Lately more and more common problem of skin tumors. Papillomas, moles, warts - the cause of the spread of these phenomena is the increased solar activity, and poor environment, as well as viral, endocrine and immune disorders.

If You are too shy to wear revealing clothing or even consider yourself unattractive because of birthmarks, forget about it! Now, when the innovative methods of aesthetic medicine and laser surgery to solve this problem, there is a real chance, at last, to get rid of skin lesions quickly and comfortably. This means again feel beautiful and confident!


Depilation is the removal of hair without affecting the hair follicle (follicle). The procedure does not stop hair growth, but but stops.
Since ancient times women have sought to smooth the skin. Legendary beauties Nefertiti and Cleopatra, as well as the noble men of the ancient world, actively used wax masks for the removal of hair. Since then, little has changed, waxing — she is also called waxing remains the most popular way of removing unwanted hair, however, modern means of hair removal to help make the procedure almost painless.

It is believed that the wax gives the long-term compared to other methods of hair removal result is the hair growth after the procedure starts in 2-3 weeks. Also, there are cases when the use of resistant Vaksali for several years (say, 5-6) led to a final cessation of hair growth.

Page Cosmetologist

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