Vereshchagin Nadiejda

Work experience of 5 years. Interned and worked in Moscow. Has a medical background. Cosmetologist, specialist, skin care, face master of permanent makeup (tattooing). Constantly improving skills in the field of cosmetology and permanent make-up. A graduate of the international training centre "Formula of beauty" (Moscow) and Academy of permanent makeup, "De Mare" (Moscow).

Master massage


Experience of massage 12 years
He studied at the state training center in the city of Tashkent. He possesses the skills of different types of massage, Spa treatments, Park broom, scrub, wrap.

Master massage

Balakshin Svetlana

Work experience in the field of massage 3 years
A qualified specialist of physical therapy, held a refresher course abroad, has many diplomas and certifications that possesses the skills 31 of massage, such as:

1) Classic Russian SPA, Chiromassage,
2) CAM (bone-energetic massage),
3) Synthesis massage
4) Chinese massage Guasha
5) Burmese massage
6) Spanish relaxing massage
7) Energy modelling, restoring balance
8) Tibetan SPA massage
9) therapeutic Tibetan massage Ku nye
10) Healing Aromatherapy massage (Balinese technique JAMA)
11) Massage ang Mo (School of the East Wind)
12) Russian lipolytic massage
13) Circulatory massage
14) colon massage,
15) Indian oil head massage "Shirobhyanga",
16) Ayurvedic oil massage,
17) Fittingly massage
18) stone therapy
19) Massage through the mud
20) neuro-sedative,
21) Shiatsu
22) Canned, vacuum,
23) Honey,
24), Reflexology (acupuncture) – Zhen-Tszyu therapy.
25) Harmonizing energy (Reiki),
26) Manual therapy (according to the method of Saionji),
27) Reflex-segmental (connective tissue, periosteal, linear, meridional),
28) Lomi Lomi Nui (Hawaiian technique),
29) Taoist exercises for internal organs
30) Therapeutic postures and exercises for internal organs (in A. Sitel)
31) su-Jok

Master massage

Plakhotny Margarita

Experience in the field of massage 19 years

- trained in specialty massage therapist, otd. Traumatology. Issued the Diploma - Classical - relaxation and Oriental massage.
- trained in the beauty Centre and health Spa treatments – exfoliation, scrub, Park in the bath, holistic treatments in the Hammam.
- a Master class in Thai massage.
- Workshop: stone therapy
- Seminar: Therapeutic, cupping-vacuum-massage

- Classic Russian SPA, Chiromassage,
Turkish soap massage
Park broom
- Synthesis massage
- Spanish relaxing massage
- Aromatherapy healing massage (Balinese technique JAMA)
- Massage ang Mo (School of the East Wind)
Chinese massage Guasha
- Russian lipolytic massage
- Vietnamese massage
- Thai massage
- Foot massage
- Indian oil massage ,
- Fittingly massage
- Stone therapy
- Massage through the mud
- Shiatsu
- Cupping-vacuum,
- Manual therapy (according to the method of Saionji),
Reflex-segmental (connective tissue, periosteal, linear, meridional),

Hair stylist

Ivlieva Svetlana

Work experience in the salon business for 13 years.
Graduated College of hairdresser's art, she was trained at the l'oreal Academy, refresher courses at the Academy of Dolores, KENE (Holland), Sexy hair.
Loves Spa treatments for hair, creative saturation! Purposeful, sociable, positive, willing to work hard.

Master Spa treatments for the body.

Oksana Khomenko

Work experience of 11 years in massage.
Work experience in the sauna for 7 years.
He studied at the physical Institute in Tashkent
Also took courses of acupuncture. Constantly improving the courses of massage.
Qualified fluent in the following skills: massage of different types, Park broom, peelings, body wrap. Fluent in the English language.

Master care body and massage.

Svetlana Kim

The work Experience of the massage therapist – 9 years.
Experience in body care – 5 years.
He studied at Tashkent in courses at the health club. Holds all massage techniques, all types of peels and body wraps to natural and professional products.

Cosmetologist-makeup artist

Irina Savina

Experience of working in the salon for 16 years.
Was trained in the "Burda" + individually with master cosmetologist of the highest category.
Has a degree from the CRC, Janssen, Promo Italiy, Magirey etc.
Conducts procedures such as cleansing, Facials, massages, peeling, hardware procedures.

Master of manicure and pedicure.

Martemyanova Svetlana

The Master of manicure and pedicure, nail extensions(acrylic), design, gel lacquer "Shellac" (creative).
Manicure, pedicure on the American technology with the use of lubricating gels (pedicure without blades).
Held private training from a master working and practicing in the United States.
Work experience of 5 years.

Master massage and body correction.

Kvasina Tatiana

Studied at the physical Institute.
Work experience of 18 years.
Trained in Moscow at Birukova A. A.
The basis of the work "Wellness massage", "Correction" and all kinds of Spa treatments.

Master Spa treatments.

Hidirova Lola

he Studied the Higher school of economy and service", Moscow.
Work experience of 12 years. Worked in medical institutions and beauty salons.
The basis of the work – being massage, anti-cellulite, figure correction and manual therapy. Spa treatments.
Baby massage from birth to 16 years. Waxing (sugaring, tape, penlight) holiday, Rico.